This is mainly about the ATTENUATOR , or muffler, silencer, decibellator.  Well anyway it is about to handle the rare tubesound that comes out of your TUBE amplifier. We all know that it is impossible to get THAT sound at a decent level in a club or restaurant without fixing the tone with a box of some kind. There are thousends of them out there, mostly with IC's or transistors. However I am pushing for a cable direct into that hole of the Vox AC30 and then turn up the volume into 6 /7.  Here we go with that classic clapton sound. But it is very loud. The Beckmann Breake is the box between your amp and lousdpeaker.  It is incredible effective the sound remains just as if it was playing out LOUD but with less deciBell. The boxes has no steps absolutly stretching form ZERO till FULL, Yes you can play your Marshall in the bedroom from now.


I do produce some very handy boxes for multipurpouse use as well. Example tre small tripple is a box that lets you select up to 3 different amps or inputs on your very special amplifier. NOICELESS, no batteries. I have the Y-box needs no presentation.

These boxes were introduced in the mid '70-ies and were then quite simple, without bypass switch or anything. They got fast very beloved but as you all know Music people are often poor artists. I just had to go on with my career. I went into the robot industry and the weels were spinning. As i retierd from making mony life i recalled by old invention. I made some prototypes and made a presentation in the local music store Sandberg musik in Malmö , They ran wild and i now have lots of work in my basement today. I do it all by myself soldering laquwork signing and so on.

Every box from me have a signature and a private number there isn't two boxes exact the same. They are all Handcrafted near produced in Malmö Sweden. I give a liftime warranty on everything as long you don't frie the boxes. I had one fellow who tested a 100w unit and he played Hendrix for ONE HOUR with a plexi, he found it odd that it still worked thoug he coldn't touch it, it was to hot :-)